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A.D. Cook at Corvette Museum for LUSTER Unveiling
A.D. Cook

LUSTER Social Promo Video

Myself, 14 other artists, 60+ paintings intermingled with these beautiful cars will be set up and on display through the end of the year. Come on down to the National Corvette Museum. The exhibit is now upon. It’s an awesome show, so come down and check it out.

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A.D. Cook

LUSTER at The National Corvette Museum ~ Exhibit Pics

The NATIONAL CORVETTE MUSEUM shared some fantastic pictures of their new gallery, which showcases the LUSTER exhibit, and I could not resist sharing them with you. Beautifully shot just before the gala and exhibit premier, these pictures celebrate the beautiful art and cars adoring the museum through 2024.

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LUSTER Update for 2024 and 2025
A.D. Cook

LUSTER Update for 2024/2025

For 2024, the exhibit opens at the National Corvette Museum to the public on March 15 and will remain there through the end of the year. MOMENTUM, created special for exhibit features two epic paintings, CREATION and EVOLUTION, celebrating Corvette’s 70th anniversary as America’s Sports Car.

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