Hollywood Video Murals

1989 - 1994

During my five years as the creative director and resident mural artist with Hollywood Video, I painted over a hundred epic murals inspired by popular movies and celebrities.

Most murals measured about ten feet tall by ten to twenty feet wide. Initially, I painted each mural on location at the new Hollywood Video stores. Then, I would roll in for a couple of days to a couple of weeks and leave with the store adorned with walls of color.

As stores opened more frequently, I set up a space at the Hollywood Video Corporate Offices and painted in the studio on stretched ten-foot-wide rolls of heavy canvas. I then photographed with an eight-by-ten view camera (pre-digital) before being printed as photo murals and installed in numerous stores throughout the United States. Most of the canvas originals were installed in stores throughout Oregon and Washington.

Unfortunately, over time, most original artworks were lost or damaged as stores closed, and now only a very few of the original Hollywood Video mural artworks exist. Only a couple remain intact and are available to add to your collection.

A.D. Cook with Gone With The Wind mural, Lake oSwego, Oregon 1991

Hollywood Video, Lake Oswego, Oregon, 1991

Hollywood Video Store

Hollywood Video, Salem, Oregon


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