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Luster Show by David J. Wagner, Ph.D.

Luster – Realism Motorcycle and Auto Art Exhibit

Museum art curator David J. Wagner, has curated dozens of art shows at major museums throughout the United States, is putting together an impressive collection of realistic motorcycle art and automotive painting for his upcoming show, LUSTER: Realism and Hyperrealism in Contemporary Automobile and Motorcycle Painting.

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A.D. Cook painting featured on cover of Art & Beyond cover - Special Nude Edition 2016

Art & Beyond

ART & BEYOND ~ artist A.D. Cook interview 07/21/16. “Art has such a healing power. My art nudes are created to celebrate, edify, and inspire.” — A.D.

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LVegue magazine cover - Spring 2016

L’Vegue Vegas

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital does so much to help children in need across the world that it would be hard to share their whole story here.

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Sienna Sinclaire and A.D. Cook, Las Vegas, NV

Naughty Girl’s Guide to Las Vegas

Last Night’s Book Signing Was A Blast! I joined Sienna Sinclaire for the red carpet premiere of her new book NAUGHTY GIRL’s GUIDE TO LAS VEGAS at the world’s largest gentleman’s club.

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Artist A.D. Cook drawing Mia aka Gabriella

Body In Mind

“A.D. Cook is a good artist and a good guy. And you can tell he’s a good guy, even if you don’t know him personally due not only to his amazing art but due to the very nature of art itself.” — Dwayne Bell

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Artist A.D. Cook with model Brandy Beavers 2013

The Master of the Muse

Beauty inspires me. I’m sure that is the case with most artists. Some find their inspiration in sunsets, landscapes seascapes and flowers. I find mine in the graceful lines of the female form —to me, “the ultimate beauty”. — A.D. Cook

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Nude Beauty Nude by A.D. Cook

Nude Beauty Nude

Nudity in art has been debated since the beginning of time. After all, the unclothed human figure is an important genre in art, as it has been beautifully featured throughout history since ancient times.

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