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Artist A.D. Cook with EQUINOX painting, 2005

EQUINOX 2005-2023

I painted EQUINOX, my life-size fine art nude (above), on canvas 18 years ago, inspired by the change of seasons and the forthcoming winter. EQUINOX is a follow-piece to SOLSTICE, which I painted in 2004 to capture the essence and warmth of the Summer Solstice.

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Pinstriped Caddy hood at Count's Kustoms

Counts Kustoms Las Vegas

I recently stopped by Count’s Kustoms in Las Vegas to deliver my artwork, ETERNAL, to Horny Mike for its final clear coat and polish. Very soon, my lifesize metal artwork will be off to her collector on the East Coast.

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Artist A.D. Cook with Elvis & John Wayne mural

My Thirty-Year Flashback

1993 was an epic year for me, but it also marked the last year of painting Hollywood Video murals. After four solid years of hand-painting thousands of square feet of walls in dozens of stores up and down the West Coast, things were changing.

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Creative Energy Exchange Bulb Collective

Creative Energy Exchange

Those three words, “CREATIVE ENERGY EXCHANGE,” resonated with me and were forever ingrained within my creative psyche. As much as I can, I enjoy sharing that with others, especially artists, designers, and writers, mainly because we tend to create solo more than most other creative people.

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The Corvette Art Monkeys with Iwata Airbrush

The Art Monkeys Know All

I guess I’ve been slow in posting updates lately, but the paintings are moving along nicely. I’m enjoying my time in the studio, creating what I know will be an epic work celebrating America’s Sports Car for Corvette’s 70th-year anniversary as part of the LUSTER Exhibition next year.

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An art patron looks over AMERICA painting at MOAS 2018

America’s Artist

The LUSTER Tour has led to my continuing story as America’s Artist as I begin my two epic paintings of America’s Sports Car, the Corvette.

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Momentum Corvette Art Comp Teaser

Corvette Art Update

I could not be more excited! These past weeks, I have been drawing, printing out photos from my recent Corvette shoots, and generally obsessing over my Corvette art project.

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Book of Dreams and Memories

More Than Ever

Creativity is a journey. Art is the manifestation of that journey. Sharing the art and its journey creates provenance.

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Wayne Cook, Sr. 1958

In Loving Memory

A man of many talents, Dad was a very likable guy. Those who knew him loved his smile and sense of humor, and those are the first things that come to mind when I remember him or as I occasionally see his eyes in the mirror looking back at me.

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