Artist Statement

I am celebrating timeless beauty through powerful art. Beauty inspires me. I seek grace in the lines and form of the female figure – to me, the ultimate beauty. There is nothing I would instead paint, and my art reflects that classical ideal.

Enduring and timeless, my original paintings preserve and celebrate my beauty ideals and honor the female spirit’s grace, strength, and complexity.

I direct my creative energies at producing epic original fine art nude and figurative artworks on specially prepared canvas and hand-ground metal. Most are painted life-size and more prominent, featuring a contemporary approach to the time-honored figurative and fine art nude genres. My imagery bursts out of traditional art forms, leaving viewers to appreciate its beauty, detail, and sensual nature.

My current Pearl Series features beautiful muses and pearl illusions over a specially prepared canvas. These pieces include dynamic effects and techniques, often integrated into my metal creations. They also exhibit a level of detail in all of my canvas originals.

My metal paintings have been compared to sculpture and holographic mediums – dimensionality and motion are visible in every artwork. I consider the interaction of form with the metal carefully. Orchestrated metalworking techniques enhance the image’s message by directing the light in specific ways. It’s a contemporary embrace of light and form.

The use of imagery and materials in my work is inspired and intentional. Along the way, I am creating manifestations of the unexpected, provoking the viewer to explore new and perhaps unexplored ideals of beauty – to see beyond the figure and interpret the more profound message in the piece.

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