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EVERLASTING painting by artist A.D. Cook

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Celebrating Everlasting Love May today bless you with peace, love, and happiness. Featured artwork above: EVERLASTING by A.D. Cook, 2008, airbrushed acrylic on canvas, 36″ x 36″

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Museum of the Rockies Zoom

Zoom Vroom at Museum of the Rockies

LUSTER artists A.D. Cook and Marc Jones will be joined by Professor Jeffrey Conger at Montana State University in Bozeman on a Museum of The Rockies Zoom program Tuesday, April …

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Indian Summer and America by A.D. Cook at Museum of the Rockies

Luster at Museum Of The Rockies

The LUSTER: Realism and Hyperrealism in Contemporary Automobile and Motorcycle Paintings exhibition is currently showing at the MUSEUM OF THE ROCKIES. January 22 through May 01, 2022 A.D. Cook Featured …

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Take It To The Limit by Peter Starr

Take It To The Limit, Las Vegas

Join Motorcycle Movie Legend Peter Starr for the Hot Shoe Hall Of Fame screening of Peter Starr’s 1980 classic TAKE IT TO THE LIMIT Saturday, Jan 29, 2022, 7 PM …

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Hey Guys, I want to tell you about a cool product that any Cryptocurrency holder should have. The product I am talking about is the Billfodl. When you set up …

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Filmstrip Video Archive at

The All-New Way-Overdue Video Archive

Artworks in Process and Event Videos Creating a Video Archive page has been on my To-Do list for some time. With all the changes happening with YouTube and action to …

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Trust But Verify at

Trust, But Verify

When it Comes to Art, Provenance Matters Today, more than ever, the story behind an artwork is as important as the art itself.  In this digital age of easy duplication …

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Museum of the Rockies Museum Member-Only New Exhibition Preview, Jan 21, 2022

Museum of the Rockies Members-Only New Exhibition Preview

Friday, January 21, 5:00-6:30 PM Museum of the Rockies members will have the opportunity to preview the new changing exhibition, LUSTER: Realism and Hyperrealism in Contemporary Automotive and Motorcycle Painting. …

Read More → Brilliantly Safe! for content & links Safe Safe Brilliantly Safe for Content & Links I’m honored to share that the website has received a award for Internet safety. Your experience on the website …

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Dream 103 NFT digital scan on OpenSea

My First Art NFT

I Am Beyond Excited! January 14, 2022 It’s exciting when something new happens, like when graphic design went digital, like when the Internet first started, when cameras went digital, like …

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Mobile-Friendly on iPhone Google Mobile-Friendly Report, Jan 12, 2022 28%* of You are Reading this on Your SmartPhone (I know that because Google tells me so) That’s why the …

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Luster Banner Featuring A.D. Cook Artwork at Lyman Allyn Museum, 2021

Luster Tour Update: January 2022

Photo courtesy of The Lyman Allyn Art Museum Special Thanks to The Lyman Allyn Art Museum for a Great Run! LUSTER has arrived in Bozeman, Montana, and will open at …

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Age-Restricted on YouTube

Censored by YouTube (again)

Cancel Culture Strikes Again! More and More, my Art Videos are Being Age-Restricted by YouTube (aka Google) YouTube apparently believes that art should be censored to “protect” viewers under 18 …

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Thank You, Alexa Website Hits Top 100k Global Rank In today’s Internet world, an artist has to be a creative entrepreneur, a web designer, and a marketer, along with a lot of …

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The New News on Just recently, I updated this website to include News Feeds from my favorite sources on art news, cryptocurrency, las vegas, luxury and lifestyle, museum updates, …

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