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The Big Five Oh Oh!

Celebrating 500 Posts & Articles, So Far… This post celebrates five hundred observations and stories of art, love, Las Vegas, and beyond on the website. Version One of the

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Me

Easier Than Ever With the new Advanced Search feature, it’s easier than ever to search the website. I’m excited to share this search feature as a compliment to other

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Pinterest Community Standards Violation 09/06/22

Dist By Pinterest

When It Comes To A Great Idea, You Know It When You See It The above headline is Pinterest’s tagline. But, of course, I would not have even known that

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UNDER PRESSURE © 2021 David J. Wagner, L.L.C

Under Pressure Update

UNDER PRESSURE – PAINTING WITH AIR A Survey of Contemporary Airbrush Realism Check out these great pics forwarded from David Wagner During Spring Break of 2018, museum curator Dr. David

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Nirvana by A.D. Cook

2012 Flashback

Oh, How Time Flies… It seems like 2012 was just yesterday, and our concern de jour was whether the Mayan calendar foretells the end of it all. Twenty-twelve was a

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Elvis Presley '68 Comeback Tour mural by A.D. Cook for Hollywood Video

Viva Las Vegas!

Elvis ’68 Comeback Special – 1991, 9-1/2 ft. tall x 13 ft., acrylic on canvas The Impact Of Some Events Lasts A Long Time Do you remember where you were 45

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A.D. Cook Interviewed by WPTA21 at1 at Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum - 06/16/22

My Lustrous Evening in Auburn

The Luster Exhibition at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum June 16th, 2022 interview with Daniel Beals with ABC News WPTA21 NOTE The interview video below was recorded from the

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Alexa - The Web Information Company

Au Revoir Alexa

Thank You for Decades of Insight On January 7, 2022, I wrote a post thanking Alexa for many years of extraordinary service of providing valuable stats to web designers for

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Museum Of Rockies Luster Live Zoom with MOR - Indian Summer

Motorheads and Masterpieces

LUSTER Artists Discussion via Zoom As promised, the Museum Of The Rockies posted our recent Zoom chat, and I’m excited to share it in celebration of art and creativity! Jeffrey

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