CREATION Corvette painting by A.D. Cook, 2024


48″ x 60″, acrylic on canvas, 2024

CREATION celebrates Corvette’s birth. As the left half of my Corvette MOMENTUM diptych, the epic artwork has a story to tell.

My muse for this painting is a 1954 Corvette, Polo White, with a red interior. Although not a first-year Corvette, it’s as close as anyone can find, especially in the condition of this trophy-winning car. The 1954 Corvette was the same as the 1953 model except for its color options. This car became my perfect muse since Polo White with the same red interior carried over from ’53, so they are identical with exception of their VIN numbers.

I love Easter eggs and there are a couple in this painting. The most obvious is the Hollywood Video skyline along the horizon, which shares my time and story as the video chain’s resident artist. Additionally, the Corvette’s Vin (#E54S001587) is hidden within the painting.

Thanks to Southern Highland Golf Club for access to their beautiful greens for my initial photoshoot.

Check out MOMENTUM’s right half, EVOLUTIONa portrait of Corvette’s 70th Anniversary Corvette C8 Z06 Stingray.

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This original painting is available for your collection. Click here for details.

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