FAST FORWARD Ferrari painting by A.D. Cook, 2013

Fast Forward

2013, 36″ x 60″, acrylic on canvas

Just Press Play

What a car! FAST FORWARD features the stunning pearl white 2012 Ferrari FF (Ferrari’s only four-seat four-wheel-drive exotic) sitting beautifully among the amazing Red Rock mountains just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Beyond tons of detail within this painting, some special features include pearl mountains that shift colors as the day’s light changes and as you stroll past. Look closely, there is an Italian stallion hidden within the rocks along with a Nevada map just above the windshield.

Read the story of the painting’s creation here: Fast Forward >> Start to Finish

Fast Forward by A.D. Cook at Red Rock Harley-Davidson, Las Vegas, NV

Commissioned painting. Private collection. Currently on display at Red Rock Harley-Davidson, Las Vegas, NV

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