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Momentum paintings by A.D. Cook on display at National Corvette Museum
Robert Maxhimer

Beauty in the Abstract: A.D. Cook and Hyper-Realism Art

Long before artificial intelligence consumed all conversations related to the blurred line of assisted creativity, artists had often found themselves at the center of the question, “How is art defined?” Art, whether a sculpture, painting, photograph, theatrical production, or film, is inherently subjective and interpreted only through the eyes of the individual viewing it at that given moment. The viewer consumes and digests the art, not as a computer program might with cold ones and zeros, but through the filter of their memories, experiences, and opinions formed over many years or seconds before their eyes reach the canvas.

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ModelsMania - A.D. Cook Interview Preview
A.D. Cook

ModelsMania Magazine 2012

A while back – September 2012 specifically – I was interviewed by ModelsMania magazine for a feature article. I know I made mention of it then, but I only recently reached out and asked if I could share it with my readers here. They were very gracious in sharing and said “yes”, so read on for the complete story from 2012 – better late than never, eh? Enjoy.

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