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Las Vegas Strip
A.D. Cook

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If you’re a regular reader of this website’s posts and updates, you probably noticed a few changes and maybe even wonder what that is all about. While this site is predominately an art site featuring my artworks and backstories, it has always been more than that. In the two-plus decades since I started blogging, I’ve posted on many subjects dear to me, including art and art, food and beverage, cars and motorcycles, and the occasional tech-inspired writing.

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Mijo Modern Mexican Restaurant, Las Vegas, NV
Bob Barnes


Mijo is a Spanish term of endearment and after dining at this coastal Mexican restaurant at the newly-opened Durango Casino & Resort you’ll likely feel affection for this unique eatery. In addition, while the coastal theme is prevalent through an array of seafood on the menu, an added plus is the use of a wood-fired grill to add a touch of smoked BBQ flavors to the offerings.

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Surf and Turf at Joel's Chophouse Las Vegas
Bob Barnes

Joel’s Chophouse

Joel’s Chophouse is the epitome of elegance and sophistication, offering a lively atmosphere for unforgettable moments.

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