Hey Guys, I want to tell you about a cool product that any Cryptocurrency holder should have. The product I am talking about is the Billfodl. When you set up your hardware wallet, you get a twelve to twenty-four-word phrase used to back up your device if it gets lost, stolen, or destroyed. Most people just write that phrase down on a piece of paper provided with your HD wallet and hide it within the pages of their favorite book. But what happens if your house catches on fire or there is a flood? You could quickly lose your wallet and your piece of paper. Then what? You’re screwed!

Not with the Billfodl. The Billfodl is made of 316 Stainless Steel which means it won’t melt until temperatures reach a whopping 1,400 degrees C (that’s 2,552 degrees F), and since it’s marine grade steel, you could hide it in your pool filter without worrying about rust or corrosion of any kind. (Seriously, don’t keep it there.) The Billfodl comes with over 360 pre-engraved tiles, which allows you to recreate your recovery seed from the comfort and privacy of your own home, so unlike other solutions, this one is easy-peasy.

Best of all, Billfodl offers a 125% money-back guarantee for your entire life. If you don’t like the product or you think it just doesn’t solve the problem, you can return it, and they will PAY YOU for your trouble. How can you lose with a deal like that? And if you live in the US, you get free shipping if you buy two or more Billfodl’s.

So what are you waiting for? Order a Billfodl now and have it at your door within a couple of days, no matter where in the world you live.

Order your billfodl at Billfodl.

What Is a Billfodl?

The Billfodl is a stainless steel recovery seed backup device, used primarily with a hardware wallet like a ledger nano or a trezor. Constructed of 316 stainless steel, Billfodl offers the best corrosion resistance in the stainless family to protect your information in even the saltiest environments. With a melting point of 2500 – 2550 deg F (1371 – 1399 deg C), it can withstand more than double the temperature of an average house fire (1100 def F/ 600 deg C). And, it’s impervious to any electrical hazard you could dream of. 

Why use it?

Billfodl - hacker proof, shockproof, waterproof, fireproofIf you are like most people, you store your Seed Words on a piece of paper, probably in the same desk you put your phone on every night to charge. If there is a fire or flood, both the phone or hardware wallet and the piece of paper with the seed words on it will be destroyed. Or maybe your spouse, significant other, or child finds a piece of paper with random words on it and throws it in the trash, unbeknownst to you until you need it months or years later.  You need something permanent, solid, and dependable to store your Seed Words on.


While I receive a small affiliate commission for sharing this product, I am sharing here mainly because I bought one and was blown away by its quality and overall awesomeness. So much so that I am ordering a second one. So whether you follow my links or Google “Billfodl,” check it out. It’s the same price either way. You know you want one. The truth is you need one.

Read my affiliate disclaimer here.

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