A.D. COOK, Bespoke Original Artworks

Iwata Airbrush Product Guide

Mural painting is typically done with airbrushes that have larger fluid capacities and with spray guns.

Designer, mural painter and artist A.D. Cook prefers the RG-3 and W-101 spray guns, and uses a variety of other airbrushes, including the HP-C Plus and Custom Micron like the CM-SB. He powers his wares with a Shark compressor.

Iwata Airbrush Product Guide 2010

Iwata Airbrush Product Guide 2010

A.D. Cook —

“My paintings are very time-consuming. Iwata airbrushes are reliable, easy to maintain and comfortable, making them easy to use for long periods of time. I have always believed in using the best equipment for the job at hand. To cover large areas of the surface with precise gradation or other specials effects, the RG-3 or W-101 are indispensable. For detailed work, I prefer to use the Iwata HP-BC Plus because I can make quick color changes. Special projects require the use of my Iwata Custom Micron airbrushes.”

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