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A MUSE CELEBRATION UPDATE — “Muse, a celebration of truth and beauty” is in the works. My coffee table book featuring a selection of my favorite art nude paintings along with my thoughts and perspective on both art and muse is nearing completion and will be available soon.


Featuring a selection of 48 figurative paintings from my canvas collection, pearl series, and figurative paintings on metal, along with thoughts about my art and creative process on how my art is created from concept-to-completion.

128 pages. Large-format – landscape design with laminated full-color dust jacket.

Forward by Dr. E. Fred Aguilar III, M.D., P.A.   |   Edited by Tiegen Kosiak

SOLSTICE – acrylic on canvas

Celebrating timeless beauty through powerful art. I believe those six words best define my art.

There was a time, not that long ago really, when I felt that my art was about a relentless pursuit of beauty – chasing beauty somehow.

Then, for a time, I felt that somehow I had captured beauty. This was before I realized that beauty, true beauty anyway, can not be captured.

It can only be celebrated.

This book is my celebration of truth and beauty. My paintings are my expression of that celebration.

My art honors the beauty and strength of women while celebrating their unique individual qualities.

That probably also best explains why I’m compelled to create in so many different styles and media.

A successful painting happens when my art conveys and celebrates the unique qualities of my muse. To be truly inspired I have to look within myself to get a sense of how she makes me feel with respect to my art. I explore and create with a lot of variety in my work to better express my muse’s mood and energy through my art. In the process, I sometimes choose to work in acrylic on canvas or create something special on metal, or sometimes it’s pastels on paper – anything can happen in the studio. It’s important to leave myself open to inspiration and allow the images to speak to me.

Ultimately, each of my artworks is truly unique, not only in their painting process but also in their preparation. I meticulously prepare my canvas and metal surfaces specifically for each original artwork. Regardless of the media, every painting goes through several steps throughout its making. Using a wide variety of mediums, each piece is crafted from beginning to end, producing an original artwork that is unique, inspiring, contemporary. and timeless.

Leonardo da Vinci was quoted as saying “Life is pretty simple: You do some stuff. Most fails. Some works. You do more of what works. If it works big, others quickly copy it. Then you do something else. The trick is to do something else.”

My approach from the beginning has always been about doing that “something else” – that something extra or special that makes my art different and exciting.

I stay true to myself and the message behind my art, and I am always pushing myself to be aware of that and to be original in my art.

Every painting goes through several steps throughout its creation process. Using a wide variety of mediums, each piece is crafted from beginning to end, producing an original artwork with the idea in mind of creating something unique and inspiring.

My philosophy has always been “Art is about creating – not recreating”. So, with that in mind, I’ve endeavored to grow my talents and abilities throughout my lifelong creative journey, honing my skills over a lifetime by applying the age-old virtues of dedication, craftsmanship, and tenacity, mixed with a lot of vision and passion.

Prior to my figurative work, my focus was on creating realistic paintings of motorcycles and airplanes. Before that I was the creative force behind the fast-growing Hollywood Video stores, painting large murals of celebrities, extraterrestrials, dinosaurs, and movie stars for stores nationally.

So, really, I’ve been doing this whole ‘art thing’ for a long time – since I was a kid really. Forever drawing and painting something or other somewhere. Thankfully, my parents both encouraged me in my drawing and creative endeavors from a very young age. We moved often when I was young so my pencils and paper where my best friends, so I drew a lot – and I drew everything.

Over a lifetime of study and through my creations I have come to realize my dream. And that is simply to celebrate timeless beauty through powerful art.

And that brings us to this book, ten years in the making.

For the last decade, I’ve been focused on creating primarily figurative art. My life-size and larger-than-life nudes on canvas and metal are the embodiment of my last decade as a visual artist.

And while I hadn’t really thought about it much, it was pointed out to me a while back that I’ve created a lot of paintings over those years.

While my paintings have been featured in books and magazines, this book is the only source for the collection you see here. And MUSE, with its nearly four dozen paintings, reflects just a sampling of my creative decade, but I believe it to be the best part.

The very nature of my artwork provides long-lasting beauty and enjoyment. My hope that my art brings you lasting pleasure, as they do for me.

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Available soon. Stay tuned for more or join my email list for updates.

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