JUBILEE art nude on canvas by A.D. Cook


36” x 60”, acrylic on canvas, 2011

Created in beautiful pearl metallic wine tints over a pearl white/gold hand-brushed base layered on a specially-prepared canvas surface. Metallic mediums mixed into my paints create a glistening effect with the changing light. This combination of colors and effects creates a new experience with each viewing. In this painting, model Kimi is portrayed as about 1-1/2 times life-size.

A festive celebration for a new beginning. Her light is borne of beauty and joy for what lies before her. There is only now.

Bold and powerful with a zest for life! Jubilee celebrates that and more. She is beautiful and wine-inspired with a radiance that glistens in energy.

JUBILEE was my second figurative painting for 2012 and features the beautiful Kimi as my muse. She modeled for me in 2007, and I’ve wanted to create a powerful artwork inspired by her energy since then. This painting celebrates my 50 years of life and appreciation of true beauty (I turned 51 by the time my next painting was completed).

Model: Kimi

• September 2012 – ModelsMania Magazine, The Artist and the Interview
• Jubilee Video

original painting for sale

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