SOLITAIRE painting by artist A.D. Cook


2005, 24” x 72”, acrylic on specially-prepared canvas

Otherwise Engaged

SOLITAIRE is the sister painting to NUANCE. Both are painted in the same black on specially-prepared slate-smooth canvas. Between her hair, jewelry, pillow, and powerful legs I had plenty to work with. I especially enjoyed painting her hands, which are a favorite subject for me anyway. SOLITAIRE measures 72” across so my muse is painted just slightly smaller than life-size.

Solitaire was created as a special commissioned original painting for the beautiful lady featured in the artwork. Created as a monochromatic artwork in all blacks, she is 100% acrylic on specially-prepared canvas and cleared in a UV satin varnish.

• Aqua Cabana Magazine – “The Relentless Pursuit of Beauty” – September 2010

Commissioned painting. Private collection, Portland, OR

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