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Celebrating World Design Day 2024
A.D. Cook

World Design Day 2024

From the smallest details of daily life to grand, sweeping structures, design surrounds and enhances us at every turn. Good design can improve functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability in buildings, products, and services. Whether it’s the sleek lines of a sports car or the thoughtful layout of a park, good design inspires and uplifts use. It is an art that blends creativity with functionality and enhances the quality of our lives.

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A.D. Cook St Jude sculpture in L'Vegue magazine 2016
A.D. Cook

St. Jude Sculpture in L’Vegue Magazine

Earlier this Spring, I was honored to have shared my St. Jude sculpture, “The Things We Do for Love…” with L’Vegue Vegas magazine readers. For those unfamiliar with L’Vegue, it is a beautifully designed Las Vegas Art & Fashion Magazine.

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ARTOOL Body of Art ad by A.D. Cook (preview)
A.D. Cook

Body Of Art

Body art paint full-page ad design for Artool Products magazine ad – © 1999 Artool Products Company, Inc. Featuring airbrushed art and print-ready design by A.D. Cook. Photography by Todd Eckelman.

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