St. Jude Sculpture in L’Vegue Magazine

Earlier this Spring, I was honored to have shared my St. Jude sculpture, “The Things We Do for Love…” with L’Vegue Vegas magazine readers. For those unfamiliar with L’Vegue, it is a beautifully designed Las Vegas  Art & Fashion Magazine.

Now that the Spring issue has run its course, I wanted to share my article with you here.

LVegue magazine cover - Spring 2016

L’Vegue – Spring 2016

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The Things We Do For Love

A.D. Cook's St. Jude sculpture in L'Vegue Magazine - Spring 2016

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital does so much to help children in need worldwide that it would be hard to share their whole story here.

Essentially, they are all about finding cures and saving children. They help those in need for free, freely sharing their research with the world. They are givers, and there is nothing more worthwhile than giving to children.

It all started one evening when artist Beti Kristof and I were talking about the St. Jude statue project around Las Vegas and what a great cause it is. She shared with me that her son Laszlo was a cancer survivor as a child and what her experiences of being a young mother during that time meant to her.

She had created five previous versions of the sculptures over recent years, including one jointly with Laszlo, an artist, and another statue on display at the Research Center in Memphis.

Each year, for the past several years, She and other prominent artists have helped create awareness and contributions to benefit the Las Vegas chapter of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital by creating art sculptures for auction, with all proceeds going to St. Jude. So, when I was invited to participate, as other artists have in previous years, I was both honored and excited.

After giving the project a little time to settle in, my design finally came to me. It was to be Angelic. The “blank” fiberglass sculpture that we are all provided, designed by Las Vegas artist Dorit Schwartz, is essentially a large, smooth white sculpture. From there, we can do pretty much anything we want with it – so long as it is family-friendly, naturally. Most artists paint theirs. My design includes both sculpting and painting.

I saw within Dorit’s sculpture a story of the mother/child relationship… a loving mother giving all she has, of both heart and soul, to her child in need – to give completely of herself. All part of the things she does for love. These are the qualities that I see in my mother, too.

Each element of my sculpture tells the mother’s story; her wings transcend into a heart shape while her halo emphasizes her angelic qualities. There are two hearts – one on the Mother and one on the Child to represent the giving and receiving of love. The overall circle represents the circle of life.

The Things We Do For Love is expressed three times: one in English and one in Spanish (“Las cosas que hacemos por amor…”), while the inside is sculpted in braille. As an artist, I believe art should embrace love and share positivity with the world, and my sculpture invites a sensory experience as well. For me, that’s what love and art is all about. The connection — one human to another.

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Learn more about the creation of my St. Jude sculpture “The things We Do For Love…” here >

Check out L’Vegue magazine at

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