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Leonardo DaVinci the Polymath
A.D. Cook

Are You A Polymath?

So, what is a polymath? A Polymath is defined as someone who excels in multiple fields of knowledge. Today, we might refer to that person as a “jack of all trades” — and some might suggest “a master of none.” I have to laugh at the master of none thought. I believe that a polymath is a person of many talents who also masters a few along the way.

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Explosive Creativity
A.D. Cook

Creative Is As Creative Does

In my post from 2012, DaVincian Principles, I shared that Geib’s book is (on the surface, anyway) about problem-solving, creative thinking, self-expression, enjoying the world around you, goal setting, life balance, and harmonizing body and mind.

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Vitruvian Man by Leonardo DaVinci
A.D. Cook

DaVincian Principles

Anatomist, architect, botanist, city planner, chef, humorist, engineer, equestrian, inventor, geographer, geologist, military scientist, musician, painter, philosopher, and raconteur.

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