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and creative energy exchanges

In the book, How To Think Like Leonardo da Vinci by Michael J. Gelb

In my post from 2012, DaVincian Principles, I shared that Geib’s book is (on the surface, anyway) about problem-solving, creative thinking, self-expression, enjoying the world around you, goal setting, life balance, and harmonizing body and mind.

Digging deeper, Geib’s book discusses seven principles, which he calls DaVincian Principles:

  • Curiosita – Am I asking the right questions?
  • Dimostrazione – How can I improve my ability to learn from my mistakes and experiences?
  • Sensazione – What is my plan for sharpening my senses as I age?
  • Sfumato – How can I strengthen my ability to hold creative tension to embrace the significant paradoxes of life?
  • Arte/Scienza – Am I balancing Arte and Scienza at home and at work?
  • Corporalita – How can I nurture the balance of body and mind?
  • Connessione – How do all the above elements fit together? How does everything connect to everything else?
Each of these principles expresses a form of genius, and everyone has at least one.
More than ever, art and science are working together. So naturally, the best ideas will always have a better chance of success if they are aesthetically pleasing.
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