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Trust But Verify at ADCook.com
A.D. Cook

Trust, But Verify

When it comes to art, provenance matters. Today, more than ever, the story behind an artwork is as important as the art itself. Art theft is at an all-time high in this digital age of easy duplication and distribution of imagery. As an artist, that is why I go to extremes to provenance my creations.

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Dream 103 NFT digital scan on OpenSea
A.D. Cook

My First Art NFT

It’s exciting when something new happens, like when graphic design went digital, like when the Internet first started, when cameras went digital, like the day when peanut butter met jam. Regular readers of my posts know that I am relatively new to this whole Crypto/NFT experience. But then, I’ve never been the first guy in on new technology. I like to watch a thing (especially tech stuff) grow before diving headfirst.

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