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When it Comes to Art, Provenance Matters

Today, more than ever, the story behind an artwork is as important as the art itself. 

Art theft is at an all-time high in this digital age of easy duplication and distribution of imagery. As an artist, that is why I go to extremes to provenance my creations.

In my post titled ART PROVENANCE from 2012, I asked, “What do you know about the art on your walls?” Ten years later, the big question is, “What do you know about your NFTs?

One of the things that I love most about Non-Fungible Tokens is that everything is transparent; who created it, who owns it, what it sold for, everything.

But just because all the info is available doesn’t necessarily mean the work is authentic. Bogus NFTs are created daily with pirated art stolen from artists who created the original artworks.

The essential questions asked in my post from ten years ago included, “Who created the art?“, “When was it created?“, sometimes “Where was it created?“, and hopefully, “How was it created?

The answers to those questions are just as relevant today, maybe even more so. They all tell the story of the artwork’s provenance.

Over these past twenty-five years, I’ve enjoyed sharing my original artwork and processes through the website. Since its initial launch in 1996, I have documented my paintings as they were created by adding them to the online gallery and sharing their story through posts, videos, the articles archive, and social media.

Verifying ADCook NFTs


Whether you collect physical artworks or Non-Fungible Tokens, verify and verify again.

One of the main reasons I find NFTs exciting is that everything can be verified and validated easily. Because every NFT minted by its creator gets a unique number and is assigned to blockchains worldwide, they are provenanced from the moment they are created.

A.D. Cook collectible Non-Fungible Tokens are minted from authentic original artworks created by the artist. Art NFTs can be verified and collected on the ADCook website at and OpenSea at

When collecting NFTs, it is essential to verify that the minted token is authentic. Every crypto account holder has an account number and a unique blockchain wallet number, a “Public Wallet.” The same goes for the minter (or creator) of non-fungible tokens. My public wallet number is 0xf85d7391e7274d7c80e59cf24337982841af3adb. Therefore, NFTs featuring my artworks accredited to any other wallet number are not authentic. If you are in doubt, please get in touch with me.

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