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ADCook.com Alexa Top 100k Global Rank

Thank You, Alexa

In today’s Internet world, an artist has to be a creative entrepreneur, a web designer, and a marketer, along with a lot of other skills to succeed on any level, both online and on the Internet. It can be a lot to keep up with and still make time to create art. For years, I relied on Alexa.com to keep me informed of my website’s status and have continuously increased my global and US rankings.

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Creative Internet Design

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing a single page on your website for search engines, whereas on-site SEO is the process of optimizing an entire website. The two types of optimization are not exclusive to each other. Off-page SEO is just a fancy term for link building and acquiring backlinks to your website.

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Apple Computer with ADHD - Dynamic Visuals for the Web and Print

Measurable Results

Creating a great online experience is more than just sharing pretty pictures. The Internet is a fast and dynamic world of ever-changing rules and concerns. Creating a great online experience is more than just sharing pretty pictures. It’s everything you see and feel when you visit a website and more.

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Yoast SEO Icon

Yoast Certified

‍Hey, did you know that if Google and other search engines can’t find your website, neither will your customer, or anyone else for that matter?‍ As far as the Internet knows, you might as well be dead.

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Nevada Beer Quest website on computers and tech devices

Nevada Beer Quest Website

Created to celebrate Nevada’s craft beers and artisan imports, Nevada Beer Quest started out as both a printed brewspaper and online presence and has since migrated to the website only.

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