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A.D. Cook on Twitter @ADCookArt

Blue. Blue. Twitter Blue… X.

After fourteen years on Twitter@ADCookArt, this dreamer of dreams and maker of things has gone blue. I’m not sure why I decided to go blue verified, except that after twelve-point-seven thousand tweets, I still find Twitter a viable platform to connect and share ideas, and hey, I like checkmarks!

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Pinterest Community Standards Violation 09/06/22

Dist By Pinterest

“When it comes to a great idea, you know it when you see it.”
That is Pinterest’s tagline. But, of course, I would not have even known that unless I visited Pinterest as I did this morning when they declared that violation of our Community Guidelines on adult content. Bots, what do they know?

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@ADCookArt Instagram Screenshot - 07/19/21

@ADCookArt on Instagram

I was hooked when I posted my first pic on June 11, 2013, of Backdraft. Since then, I’ve shared over twenty-three hundred fun pics and videos, and still enjoy posting something almost every day.

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Facebook/ADCookArtist Screenshop

Facebook @ADCookArtist

The Facebook/ADCookArtist page is now current. If we’re friends on my Facebook profile (Facebook.com/ADCookArt) you may have seen my post about the page updates. For anyone unfamiliar with Facebook’s profiles vs pages, here’s how they identify them.

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ECLIPSE painting by A.D. Cook - CENSORED by Facebook

Spanked by Facebook (again)

So, this morning Facebook popped up an old memory (as it often does) of a few of the art nude paintings I had shared previously (back in 2014) and invited me to share them again. Nothing new here; we all get those. And since, ironically, today I am celebrating my 15th year on ModelMayhem.com, I thought I’d take Facebook up on their offer and share my post from six years earlier again today with my FB friends.

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A.D. Cook Social Media

Thanks for Sharing

My, how the Internet has grown. Web sites are cool, powerful, and dynamic. Video is everywhere. Social media is everything. Sharing is easier than ever. Welcome to the future…

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