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YouTube Video Shorts @ADCook
A.D. Cook

Have You Seen My Shorts?

Recently, I shared that I set up a new YouTube channel for my art and Corvette art project at YouTube/@ADCook. Lately, I’ve been enjoying creating 15 second video shorts of my older paintings and new artwork as it progresses.

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Visit my YouTube Channel @ADCook
A.D. Cook

My New YouTube Channel @ADCook

I’ve been putting this off for ages, but I recently decided it was finally time to resolve my old YouTube issues and build a new channel to host and share my videos — the old and new alike. My new YouTube channel ( YouTube.com/@ADCook ) includes several art creation videos of my automotive-inspired art, motorcycle portraits, and fine art nudes on canvas and metal, event videos from various art shows and exhibits, along with my observations and stories of art, love, Las Vegas, and beyond.

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Filmstrip Video Archive at ADCook.com
A.D. Cook

The All-New Way-Overdue Video Archive

Creating a Video Archive page has been on my To-Do list for some time. With all the changes happening with YouTube and action to limit my videos to account holders only, I figured now was the time to fix that mess.

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