The Secret Question That Leads to Success

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Is This Your Best Work?

Have you ever been asked this question? 

Is this your best work? It may be the most important question you ever ask or answer for yourself.

Let’s start with defining what “Is this your best work?” means to the author. It is a question you can ask yourself at any time to determine if you are really engaging all the special talent that is you. It is not about being perfect. It is about living your mission. It is not about working 24/7. It is about feeling peacefully supercharged. It is not being “good enough.” It is a question you are glad when someone asks it. It is a question you ask yourself when you are inclined to procrastinate. It is a question you can ask yourself about all of the small things in life as well as the most important parts of your life. It is a question that can bring you back to your true north. It is question that will open the door to continuous learning. It is a question that will guide you to solutions to all of life’s challenges. And finally, it is a question you can ask others when you see their talent more clearly than they do themselves. Your best work occurs when you are fully connected to yourself, others, and the Divine.

Is this your best work? Is the gauge that will tell you how much joy you have in your life and show you the path to fulfillment and significance?

If you have been asked by someone, “Is this your best work?” or you have asked that of yourself, what were your answers to the following questions:

      • How did you feel when asked, and what was your response?

      • Did you have an immediate response, or did you have to wait a second or two to see how safe you thought it was to give the real answer?

      • If you answered yes, was it true, or did you think your usual good work could pass for being “your best work”?

      • If you have never challenged yourself with this question or no one else has asked you, why not?

      • How many times have you said, “One of these days, I am going to be fully engaged in something, do my best work, use my talent, and love what I do”?

      • What does doing your best work mean to you?

      • How does it feel to do your best work?

      • How did you feel about those around you when you did your best work?

      • What talent do you have that causes your heart to sing when you exercise it?

      • Have you ever engaged that talent?

      • Are you tired of answering questions? – lol

    Frank Mallinder, author, coachAs a coach, one of the most significant things I can do for clients is illuminate their path to engaging their talent and doing their best work. Doing your best work is more than getting an outstanding rating on your performance appraisal. You can do that and still not have the feeling of significance that comes from going all in on loving what you do and employing all of your talents in all areas of your life.

    As you have probably read many times, “You get what you focus on in life.” You don’t often hear that what you focus on is determined by the questions you ask yourself. And here is a news flash: the questions you ask yourself can go unnoticed because they are part of an invisible pattern you repeat repeatedly.

    For the next week, pay attention to:

        1. The conversations that happen in your head and be aware of the questions you ask yourself.
        2. When you complete something, ask, “Is this my best work?”

      Hmm – was this my best work?

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