Marquee – New Painting on Canvas

Marquee by A.D. Cook ~ 60″ x 48″, airbrushed acrylic on pearlized canvas

After a month of easel time and thousands of small brush strokes in creating her fur coat, Marquee is complete. This painting has been on my ‘to-paint” list for a long time. I originally photographed my model NeveahLleh back in December of 2008, and I have created other works of her since, namely Nyx, Lux Lady Nev 1, Lux Lady Nev 2, and Blue Moon, but for some reason, the shot of her in the black fur coat stuck with me. This painting is enormous; at five feet tall and four feet across, my model is represented here about twice life-size. She’s a powerful painting. Everything is painted in pearl blacks and platinum colors, so her presence changes entirely throughout the day as light changes. I’m very excited about this painting. Enjoy.

Watch the creation of MARQUEE from canvas prep to finished signed artwork.

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