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Artist A.D. Cook painting Encore

‘Tis the Season for Art

I was out earlier and someone wished me a “Season’s Greetings.” It was the first time this year that I’ve heard holiday cheers as we transition into cooler months and shorter days. I love this time of year. It’s a festive season ~ all about gratitude, blessing, and remembering the ones we love.

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Creative 2012

My Creative 2012

For many of us, this was a fun-filled and interesting year. Memorable for sure. I know it was for me. That may be why 2012 was (and still is) such a creative year. I started mine off creatively and am

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NIRVANA by A.D. Cook (preview) 2012

Nirvana – New Pearl Painting on Canvas

For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream. ~Vincent van Gogh The pearl/phosphor starfield turns on when the lights go off, transitioning from pearls to a florescence. She rests quietly

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Nirvana Hair Detail by A.D. Cook

Hair Nirvana

Black Friday 2012 – enjoying a fantastic day in the studio. Hair is one of my favorite things to paint, and Nirvana is no exception. She has miles of hair painted one strand at a time. I still am quite

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Nirvana by A.D. Cook

It’s All in the Details

I am pleased to share that my day in the studio was nothing short of fantastic! Today, I had the pleasure of working on my newest painting, which I have affectionately named “Nirvana.” The painting is coming along beautifully, and

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TRUTH art nude by A.D. Cook art video

Truth Video

video 04:03 minutes, by kathryn cook My Process View my art in the process from my photoshoot with the beautiful Liz Ashley through the creation of the completed painting. Completed on May 20th and signed during the solar eclipse, “Truth”

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Artist A.D. Cook, Creating 21st Century Classics on Canvas & Metal


I love the sensual beauty of the female back. I’ve created a few paintings over the years to feature beauty from behind: Stranded, Ardor, Oblivious, Flashback… and for quite a while, I had wanted to create a complete series of

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TRUTH featuring Liz Ashley by A.D. Cook (face detail)


2012, 60″ x 36″ [152.40 cm x 91.44 cm], root beer colored acrylic pearls on specially-prepared pearlized canvas Completed on May 20th and signed during the solar eclipse, “Truth” is my fourth figurative painting for 2012, and features the beautiful Liz

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TRUTH art nude by A.D. Cook (detail preview)

Truth – New Pearl Painting on Canvas

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty – that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.” — John Keats “Truth” by A.D. Cook 2012 Completed on May 20th and signed during the solar eclipse, “Truth” is my

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