MetalFusion Flashback!

MetalFusion - Custom Twin by A.D. Cook - 12" x 36"

2007 Private Collection Pieces

My MetalFusion™ artworks were a blast to create! Each was an original mixed media blend of my blended photography, metalwork, and art. My MetalFusion™ originals began as a photo I had taken of one of my art models or a motorcycle from a rally experience.

A.D. Cook at Oh My Godard Gallery, Las Vegas, NVI started each piece with a power grinder, aluminum sheet, and miles of entangled grinds so the artwork dances like jewelry as its viewers pass by and the day’s light changes. Next, I printed on the panel, then embellished and cleared the finished artwork in a powder coat. Finally, with an added wood frame on the back, the art is ready to hang, with the appearance of floating in front of the wall, in most cases, about an inch and a half.

The MetalFusion pieces are special. They were very cutting-edge for their time, in that printing on metal for art was new. Because it was new, it was also an expensive process at the time, Because of that, very few were ever created.

The five MetalFusion artworks I’ve featured below are from my personal collection, unique pieces I have saved since their creation. Like most artists, I have more art than walls, so I’m making these five pieces available for the first time since 2007. Click any image below for details.

MetalFusion - Jenn Fusion by A.D. Cook - 28" x 28"
Jenn Fusion - 28" x 28"
MetalFusion - Purple Haze by A.D. Cook - 21" x 28"
Purple Haze ~ 21" x 28"
Tequila Sunrise MetalFusion™ by A.D. Cook - 21" x 28"
Tequila Sunrise
Wrapped In Red by A.D. Cook - 24" x 24", 2007
Wrapped in Red ~ 24" x 24"
MetalFusion - Custom Twin by A.D. Cook - 12" x 36"
Custom Twin - 12" x 36"

All prices are FOB Las Vegas, NV. Shipping is not included but can be arranged if needed.

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