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Elysian Dream metal art by A.D. Cook

My Elysian Dream

I’m excited to share something new from the studio and a departure regarding my figurative metal creations. ELYSIAN DREAM started as a simple little sketch over a cold beer. I must have been drawn to the shapes because I sketched them several times over a few sessions before finally power grinding and sanding metal and beginning to paint. But once I got started, the artwork flowed like a dream.

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ETERNAL Music Video featuring music by Bonzai Caruso

An Eternal Time Out

My musically gifted friend, Bonzai Caruso, sent me a soothing rhythmic tune that I wanted to share with you. This relaxing music, he suggested, compliments my latest metal artwork, ETERNAL, so I felt it only fitting to create a short video with both sight and sound — an eyes-wide-open meditative experience.

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The Making of Eternal - Video Splash

The Creation of ETERNAL

Two years after photographing my model/muse for my latest metal fine art nude, the artwork is now finished and ready for my collector’s home.

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ETERNAL metal artwork in progress 031523

The Eternal Update

It’s been a while since I posted anything about my current artwork on the easel. ETERNAL, my lifesize metal fine art nude that I started over a year ago, has quite a story, and she’s not even finished.

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MetalFusion original artworks by A.D. Cook

MetalFusion Flashback!

My MetalFusion™ artworks were a blast to create! Each was an original mixed media blend of my blended photography, metalwork, and art. My MetalFusion™ originals began as a photo I had taken of one of my art models or a motorcycle from a rally experience.

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Nirvana by A.D. Cook

2012 Flashback

Twenty-twelve was a prolific year for me. Over that year, I created a stainless steel metal wall art (Ascension) and painted four canvas life-size and more giant fine art nudes, including; Truth, Ascendant, Jubilee, Premier, and Nirvana, and wrapped it up with a series of abstract artworks. Please read my post from 2012 for the complete list.

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Filmstrip Video Archive at ADCook.com

The All-New Way-Overdue Video Archive

Creating a Video Archive page has been on my To-Do list for some time. With all the changes happening with YouTube and action to limit my videos to account holders only, I figured now was the time to fix that mess.

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DREAM 103 by A.D. Cook, motorcycle artist

Motorcycle and Auto-Art Video

Motorcycle and Auto-Art Video featuring Autumn Riders, Brickyard Bull, Dream 103, Fast Forward, For Show, Indian Summer, and Passing Time original artworks by A.D. Cook.

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Brickyard Bull Artwork on Collector's Wall

The Brickyard Bull

A Lamborghini Gallardo Squadra Corse painted in pearls.
My latest creation is titled BRICKYARD BULL. At a glance, this artwork is a colorful car portrait of a very special 2014 Lamborghini LP-570, one of only fifty in the world and one of only fifteen in the United States.

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