TRUTH art nude of Liz Ashley by A.D. Cook


60″ x 36″, acrylic on canvas, 2012

We Are All Born Naked

Created in beautiful pearl metallic root beer colored tints over a pearl white hand brushed base layered on a specially-prepared canvas surface. Metallic mediums mixed into my paints create a glistening effect with the changing light, creating a new experience with each viewing. In this painting, my muse is portrayed about 1-1/2 times life-size.

Completed on May 20th and signed during the solar eclipse, TRUTH is my fourth figurative painting for 2012 and features the beautiful Liz Ashley as my muse. Bold and powerful, TRUTH stares you straight in the face as she stands naked before you. Hard to deny that she is always there to remind you of her constant presence.

The ‘I Ching’ graphic in the top right corner represents “Inner Truth.” The hexagram consists of firm lines above and below while open in the center. This indicates a heart free of prejudices and therefore open to the truth. On the other hand, each of the two trigrams has a firm line in the middle: this indicates the force of inner truth in the influences they represent. The attributes of the trigrams are above = gentleness, forbearance toward inferiors; below = joyousness in obeying superiors. Such conditions create the basis of confidence that makes achievements possible.

Within the I Ching graphic is the binary code for “TRUTH” expressed as light (for 0) and dark (for 1) squares.

T – 01010100
R – 01010001
U – 01010101
T – 01010100
H – 01001000

The binary code to the bottom right reads “We Are All Born Naked”.

Model: Liz Ashley

September 2012 – ModelsMania Magazine, The Artist and the Interview
• Truth Video

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