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Art Monkey at A.D. Cook art studio, Las Vegas, NV
A.D. Cook

Creating the Perfect Ultra-Smooth Canvas

Published in Airbrush Action Magazine, December 2004 (updated December 2022) Creating The Perfect Ultra-Smooth Canvas For Airbrush by A.D. Cook Canvas and fine art go hand-in-hand. But the readily available off-the-shelf canvas isn’t made for airbrushing. Even stretched and “prepared”

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ECLIPSE painting by artist A.D. Cook
A.D. Cook

Creating Eclipse

Creating Eclipse by A.D. Cook Canvas Wrap Article, November 2004 Welcome to CANVAS WRAP and my ongoing series of step-by-step instructional articles on the art of airbrushing as fine art. CANVAS WRAP will present a “no secrets” approach in these

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PASSING TIME motorcycle painting by A.D. Cook 2000
A.D. Cook

Creating Reflective Effects: Passing Time

A Study in Chrome and Reflected Surfaces by A.D. Cook The Ultimate Airbrush Handbook by Pamela Shanteau [ buy book ] Title: Passing Time 9/4/00 – 10/9/00 Size and Surface: 36″ x 48″ on 100% pure cotton duck stretched canvas.

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