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Singer/Musician Tim Catching playing in A.D. Cook art studio, Las Vegas, NV 02/03/13
A.D. Cook

Creative Energy in the Studio

It’s always a great day when I can create in the studio and enjoy fantastic live music at the same time. My buddy Tim is a hugely talented writer, singer and musician so I’m always honored when he stops by with a guitar. Today was one of those days. He jammed. I painted. Always a great vibe.

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Stephanie T nude by A.D. Cook
A.D. Cook

Creative Energy Exchange

ARTIST: A.D. Cook // MUSE: Stephanie // MUSIC: Time Catching // VIDEO: Kathryn Cook // “Hurry Up And Wait” music by Loophole from their album “Loophole 432″ © 2012.

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TRUTH art nude by A.D. Cook (detail preview)
A.D. Cook

Truth – New Pearl Painting on Canvas

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty – that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.” — John Keats “Truth” by A.D. Cook 2012 Completed on May 20th and signed during the solar eclipse, “Truth” is my

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