Creative Energy Exchange – Superbowl Style

Last Sunday, while most people enjoyed the Beyancé concert and its corresponding football game, I enjoyed a creative afternoon in the studio with my motley crew of creatives.

Two artists, one muse, and a musician came together for a creative synergy of drawing and music for no more reason than to create. Our only real purpose was to have fun and see what happens – to make art. So, muse Heather and I did a great photoshoot in the studio for a while, and artist Ryan Williams did a little life drawing inspired by our muse. Guitar genius Tim Catching serenaded our muse and filled the room with his great energy and soulful sound.


Left-to-right: Artist A.D. Cook, artist Ryan Williams, muse Heather Hermann, and music talent Tim Catching.

I was, as I still am, inspired by Heather’s beauty and graceful poses, which I’m sure are partly a result of her years as a ballet performer and insights as an artist herself.

With a vintage sense of Steampunk/Art Deco whimsy and fantasy, Heather Hermann, aka “Calliope,” creates enchanting artwork, photographs, and costume designs that defy time to convey a period and persona all their own. You can view Heather’s Deco Tech Romance Fine Art here:


Here is a beautiful example of Heather’s art.

Singer/songwriter Tim Catching serenaded my muse with his original songs and soulful guitar. You may remember Tim from my Creative Energy Exchange Blog post – on July 16, 2012. That was a great day as well.


Tim came wired for sound. His mobile recording studio is pretty impressive.

Tim’s music is also featured in my Truth video.



Local artist and gallery owner Ryan Williams also joined in and enjoyed a great afternoon of drawing. Learn more about Ryan and his art at Ryan Williams Fine Art Gallery, 1025 S. First St., Suite 135, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

So, I say, “Let others watch football if they must”. Any opportunity I get to create art in an inspired moment is a great day – a football game or not. I’ll take a creative energy exchange almost anytime. Just throw a few creatives in the room, pour a cold beer, and play. We got some great shots, and I’m inspired. Watch for new art featuring Heather soon.

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Heather Hermann, aka “Calliope”; Deco Tech Fine Artist, Art Deco specialist/historian, Vaudeville Entertainer, Costume/Conceptual Designer.

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