The All-New 2020

A Reflection of Dreams and Memories

Long overdue for an update, I’m happy to share the all-new website, dedicated to artworks created by the artist over the last three decades (or so).


Art has been an eclectic and exciting journey for me. I hope to make some semblance within my online portfolio by presenting each category with random view results but also with the ability for you to sort artworks within categories by date and title.

Like artists before me, I embraced my time in the studio as something special.

Having created countless artworks over time, this website represents what some of my favorites for one reason or another are. This collection of over 125 artworks includes abstract artworks, art nudes, Hollywood Video murals, motorcycle paintings, other works, and commissioned artworks in various media.

This website is a few things, mostly…

Beyond that, this site also features updates on the current LUSTER: Realism and Hyperrealism in Contemporary Automobile and Motorcycle Paintings museum exhibition featuring three of A.D.’s epic motorcycle paintings.

Suppose you’ve ever been curious how these paintings (and other artworks) are created. In that case, the Articles Archive has almost every article published, including A Study in Chrome and Reflected Surfaces (parts 1 & 2), Creating Reflective Surfaces from the Ultimate Airbrush Handbook, Creating the Perfect Ultra-Smooth Canvas for Airbrush, and more.

A lot more. If you feel inclined to explore the site fully, visit the Site Map for a link to every page, post, and artwork.

As websites go, they are never finished, so I encourage you to visit often as this site continues to grow. I’m looking forward to sharing new artwork and stories as we move through 2020 and beyond.

Thank you all for sharing in my journey,


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