Turns 18

Pop the champagne and blow out the candles. This week turned 18. Launched on October 23rd, 1996, my art site has gone through many design iterations and grown over the years, but its primary purpose has always been about art and design. 2014 (today)

Wow, looking back it’s interesting to see how things have changed since the first version of – The internet was new and fresh. So new that none of us really knew what we were doing. We came from a printing background, so we computer savvy but used to working with huge files. We lived in the land of tiff files (big ones) and didn’t know a .jpg from a .gif back then. But we learned fast, and it was fun because it was all so new. And it’s still new for me in a lot of ways. Technology changes all the time, and with that comes opportunities to create and share with you even better than ever. I read recently that there are close to a billion web sites out there – a BILLION. Millions of web sites have come and gone since the early days of the Internet. I’m glad that we’re still here, online, and sharing art and life with you. Thanks to everyone who has visited and supported the growth of our little art site. Cheers! 1996 on the Wayback Machine (1996)

And it wasn’t always pretty… the screenshot above is from when the site was originally launched, October 23 1996. Seriously, I even had an AOL email. Hey, the World Wide Web was new – we didn’t even call it the Internet. Anyway, two years later, Google launched and the world has never been the same.

The Internet has changed us all. Web sites and the Internet have come of age. I guess we’ve grown up. Happy birthday

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