Truth and Beauty

Truth and Beauty. Beauty and Truth. The truth is beauty inspires me. I’m sure that is the case for most artists. Some find their inspiration in sunsets, landscapes, seascapes, and flowers. I find mine in the graceful lines of the female form – to me “the ultimate beauty”. There is nothing I would rather paint and my art is a reflection of that beauty. That is my truth.

Solitaire – acrylic on canvas by A.D. Cook 2004 © | private commission

I was asked recently about why I paint and why I paint what I paint. I’m sure most artists get those same inquiries. It’s probably my most asked question as an artist. Why do any of us do what we do? Is it different for artists? I can only speak for myself, but my answer is passion. I believe I was born to paint. I was driven to create art at a very early age. I was that kid who always drew, colored or made things, designed the sets for school plays, painted the sports banners… the works. I was always drawing. And in drawing I learned to see. And in seeing I feel a need to reveal, or to capture what I see. I’ve done that my entire life, whether painting Hollywood murals, my motorcycle series, or my abstract artworks. Then, one day several years back, while in the studio, I started thinking… “to retire as an artist would mean to paint beautiful nudes”. That’s when figurative art became my primary creative focus. I couldn’t wait until I retired to paint what I really wanted to paint anyway. I knew that I could enjoy creating sensual figurative paintings… what’s not to enjoy, right? Years later, I still find the female figure to be the most gratifying, challenging, and beautiful subject matter for my art. My paintings can be best characterized by the term “Art Nudes” – timeless in their own way and making powerful statements while recording contemporary beauty for eternity.

My mission is to capture timeless female beauty through powerful art. The timeless beauty of the female form inspires my art. Throughout the ages, it has been a source of wonderment and intrigue for artists of all media, sharing in this truth of creating timeless beauty. Raphael, Rubens, Michelangelo, and many other masters of the past have been inspired by this eternal theme. Art Nudes have been an iconic inspiration for artists for dozens of centuries – basically forever. Art Nudes are simply art that takes the naked human form as its dominant subject. The term is used for painting, sculpture, photography, and mixed media.*


Backdraft – acrylic on canvas by A.D. Cook 2004 ©
Muse: Lynsey

I think there’s a lot to be said in the Andre Gide quote “Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does, the better.” A reoccurring theme in my paintings is female beauty. I’m inspired by the self-confidence and strength of naturally beautiful women. I truly believe that beauty does come from within. When I create, I want my art to make a statement of “what beauty is today” – for me. Beauty is fleeting.

Art is eternal. Like artists before me, I am inspired by great natural classical beauty. Powerful art nudes have been the focus of my art and creative energies for many years. Unlike artists before me, I approach my art in a way to capture beauty and energy in a unique and 21st-century style. My pursuit of beauty is expressed through sensual large-scale original art on specially prepared canvas and hand-grinded metal, created to honor the grace, beauty, and complexity of the female spirit. My heirloom artworks are classic, contemporary, passionate, with the intent to preserve beauty for eternity.

Encore – acrylic on canvas by A.D. Cook 2011 ©
Muse: Jess Robinson

Each artwork is based on capturing forms of reality. There may be abstraction within style and detail, but ultimately I am a representational painter. First and foremost, my art is created by me, for me. I’m really a “concept-to-completion” artist who likes to work in a variety of techniques to create dynamic and lasting art… for me. I don’t abide by a set of “artist rules” or limit myself to only one style. I don’t create for the masses. I paint for me, and I paint what I like. I’m the one who’ll stand at the easel for dozens (or hundreds) of hours creating a single painting. I photograph my own models/muses; I grind my own metal; I prep my own canvas; I do pretty much everything short of welding and clear-coating metal, but even then I’m involved at every stage. I love the process of creating – making something from nothing. I can thank my father for putting lots of tools and pencils in my hands at an early age.

Brooklyn on metal by A.D. Cook 2010 ©
Muse: Brooke

After a lifetime of creating art, I still truly enjoy the process of painting – starting with a bare canvas or metal to create something new. I take great pleasure from the whole creative process, from working with my muses to putting the finishing touches on a new painting. Inspired by the classics, I create timeless heirloom paintings in contemporary media, respectfully paying homage to their time-honored lineage. Canvas and metal ~ contemporary and timeless. My signature metal art process results in a seemingly holographic image capturing beauty in a very unique way. Much of my art dynamically changes appearance from natural light throughout the day and then differently in display lighting. Only the original paintings create these illusions so dramatically. Even with today’s technology, they cannot be reproduced to look close to the original. That’s a special thing and I like that.

I like “epic” too. Epic movies. Epic concerts. Epic art. I always have. A lifelong friend of mine observed that my art “that anything worth doing is worth overdoing”. In the past, I created dozens of hand-painted large-scale wall murals for the Hollywood Video stores – most measuring 10 feet tall by 10, 15, or even 20 feet wide. Long before that, I was creating large murals in corporate offices and residences. I think big. So I love painting my figures larger-than-life, and often double-life size on canvas measuring 4, 5, and 6 feet in either dimension. They are powerful and exude energy through their special treatments throughout the creative process – sometimes color-shifting pigments and pearl tones that shift with light are integrated into the painting. Every artwork is unique – every painting a unique and memorable experience.

Beaujolais on metal by A.D. Cook 2011 ©
Muse: Jessi June

Capturing the experience of creation… When I paint, my creative process is documented with video, photography and we journal the art with online provenance. I provide a certificate of authenticity with the artwork. In the case of commissioned art, when the painting is complete, we typically coordinate a very special unveiling event where the collector can share their rare, one of a kind masterpiece with family, friends, and guests. And for their enjoyment, we play the entire video of the process during the event. The models also are invited to attend.

Nexus on metal by A.D. Cook 2011 ©
Muse: Laura

I’m grateful if my art makes an emotional connection with you. I get pleasure in others who also enjoy my art and share in its energy. You can only get that from original art. And many things can be done in the creation of original artworks that cannot be duplicated. So, I focus my creative energies on creating, rather than re-creating. My art is truly unique and the experience is different with each viewing. Color shifting paints, special grinds within the metal, and a plethora of other powerful treatments ensure the uniqueness of each painting.

“We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda;
it is a form of truth.”

~ John F. Kennedy

William Blake once wrote, “Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed.” I have to agree. True art has to be honest. While the models are nude, the artist is also baring his soul in the creative process. When you look beyond the figure, you realize it is often representational of the message. The spiritual “Backdraft” reflects confidence, patience, humility, and receptivity; “Encore” speaks to the zest for life; “Brooklyn” – an angelic expression, “Beaujolais” expresses grace and the appreciation for the higher things in life; “Nexus” – strength and the power of creation. Each has her own story to last for eternity.

Cheers to beauty!

A.D. Cook ~ artist

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