America First

Inspire the rider within with “AMERICA”, my newest epic motorcycle artwork.

Driven by a desire for freedom and the open road, this super-sized painting showcases American pride and craftsmanship. AMERICA is the first from my new series AMERICA FIRST.

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It’s visceral. You know it in your heart.
You know what it feels like to throw your leg over your bike and
be one with the open road.


We don’t ride because we can. We ride because we have to.


A.D. Cook’s newest series, AMERICA FIRST, celebrates freedom through powerful art.

His passion for motorcycles and the open road is expressed through his meticulously executed epic artworks.
You’ll want to get your hands on this powerful art and ride.

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AMERICA is the first from my new series, “AMERICA FIRST,” A collection of powerful original motorcycle artworks celebrating America’s pride and freedom.

America by A.D. Cook 2016

The first of the AMERICA FIRST SERIES, titled “AMERICA”, features an iconic motorcycle inspired by the classic 1969 movie Easy Rider, where two chopper-riding rebels, Wyatt (Peter Fonda) and Billy (Dennis Hopper), decide to travel cross-country in search of spiritual truth. In that movie, Wyatt’s chopper features an American flag proudly adorning his motorcycle’s tank. “AMERICA” celebrates this enduring movie and our long-standing passion for freedom.

This meticulously executed artwork ignites your desire to ride – to hit the open road and get lost in its curves. You’ll want to get lost in AMERICA, too. But, this unique original is a sold commissioned artwork. Your motorcycle can be part of this trilogy when you commission master artist A.D. Cook to immortalize your American iron as art. The commissioned price for the remaining two original artworks is $30,000 each.

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“Creativity, innovation, and craftsmanship have propelled this country to greatness in the past and will do so in the future. That, and a little tenacity. This is why I find it so compelling to have created my America First series: to remind us of why we choose to be here, in America, and to embody the emotion and the heart-gripping passion that one feels when the flag waves overhead we hear a favorite song, or when powerful art stands before us. The flag in each of my paintings reflects what our hearts yearn for and what we’ve fought so hard for. Freedom, independence, and the liberty to choose the road we ride.

The AMERICA FIRST SERIES series shares with the world what makes America great through art. These paintings will be shared through social media and print. In sharing the art comes an opportunity to share the message of America’s greatness and passion for freedom.

I’m looking for two special collectors of my original artworks to complete this series in 2016. Collectors whose hearts beat with freedom and who are in alignment with this passionate vision of America first. ”

— A.D. Cook

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Collector Series Acrylic Art Reproductions

Each of the AMERICA FIRST Collector Series artworks will be offered as state-of-the-art limited-edition Acrylic Art Reproductions — the hottest new look and technology in contemporary art. These creations of desire can be found hanging in the finest galleries and art destinations worldwide and deliver an unbelievable resolution, clarity, and vibrancy with incredible image quality.

Only fifty 48” x 60” Acrylic Art Reproductions will be offered for each painting.

Acrylic Art Reproductions are created with an enhanced process that accounts for all variables relating to archival longevity and image quality.

This museum-quality artwork is wall-mounted with a floating recessed frame, providing a clean and contemporary look and feel.

  • Brilliant colors lasting over 120 years
  • Incredible 3-D depth and dimensionality
  • Unsurpassed detail and ability to hold highlights
  • Superior shadow luminosity and detail
  • Radiant, glowing response under halogen lighting

Introductory offer: $7,500 > Orders your today to ensure a low edition number > Click here to order.

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A.D. Cook, artist, with America 2016

A collection of powerful original motorcycle artworks
celebrating America’s pride and freedom.

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