Arizona Bike Week

I’m having a great time at Arizona Bike Week, hanging out with my buddy Steve Soffa and enjoying the event from behind the scenes. At an expected 92 degrees, the weather tomorrow will be perfect for motorcycles, hot rods and a day of connecting with kindred spirits.

This really an fantastic event. The level of custom motorcycles here is off-the-page! And Cave Creek is truly a slice of heaven. This town has great personality and I’ve met a lot of fascinating people here over the last few days.

Cool too, that I’ve been able to catch up with old friends all while meeting new ones. The next couple days at Tap House parking lot will be busy so be sure to follow my tweets at —and stay tuned… I’ll do a thorough Blog post in the next few days. Until then, check out Steve Soffa, his epic timepieces and wicked jewelry at






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