Melancholics, Las Vegas

Refreshing, Syncopated Grooves With Heartfelt Lyrics

Their music is described by Marblehead as “Refreshing, syncopated grooves with heartfelt lyrics and intriguing melodies supported by colorful chord progressions.“

I always enjoy hearing these guys play. They have a great energy mixed with tons of experienced talent. So, when the MELANCHOLICS asked if we could help them with their website we were excited. I’ve done a lot of work with musicians over the years and I always take a certain special pleasure in creating for the music community.

So, this is it – an introduction to the band and their new site. Check them out. You’ll be glad. They rock!

BAND MEMBERS: Dwight Aguinaldo ~ bass and vocals // Phillip Chamberlain ~ guitars and vocalsTalmadge Pearsalt ~ vocals // Ed Malik ~ drums // Brian Lusk ~ guitars, vocals, and keyboards

Check out their discography of music, including “More Than You Can Chew”, Happy Ones”, “Begas”, “Scrumptdillyumptious”, “Honkeytized”, “Welcome to Las Vegas” and “Zia Records Presents”

Visit them online at

Management & Booking > Email: [email protected]    |    Phone: 702-219-6838

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