In Loving Memory

They say a man’s dog is his best friend. I would say that is definitely true more often than not. I know that was definitely the case for me. My girl Dargo passed away this week after 13 years of love and faithful companionship.


Dargo with Beaujolais 2011

Rest in Peace ~ Dargo 1998-2013

Dargo was an exceptional girl. With us since 2000, Kathy and I often referred to her as our Y2K dog. A rescue dog, we had met her at the animal shelter in Portland, and the moment we saw her we knew she was special. At best guess she was two years old when we adopted her. Anyone who knows me knew Dargo – she was a “people dog” – forever ready to share her love with anyone and everyone. Smart too… she knew all the tricks and was the only girl I ever let come between me and my art. Oh ya, she had me wrapped around her paw all right. If she wanted a cookie, or love, or anything for that matter, she knew all she had to do was quietly put herself between me and my easel. How could I ever deny her? She is missed.

• • • • •


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