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Bonsai Tree in Contemporary Home

Pruning The Bonsai

Sometimes, when chatting with my fellow web designers about developing and growing a website, I reference the process to a bonsai tree. Before I get too far into my story, I must confess

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Resource Links for Artists and Designers

Resources For All

We’re not magicians, but what artists and designers create is magic, but there are no secrets to accessing knowledge and growing our creative bag of tricks.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Me

With the new Advanced Search feature, it’s easier than ever to search the website.

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Pinterest Community Standards Violation 09/06/22

Dist By Pinterest

“When it comes to a great idea, you know it when you see it.”
That is Pinterest’s tagline. But, of course, I would not have even known that unless I visited Pinterest as

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Nirvana by A.D. Cook

2012 Flashback

Twenty-twelve was a prolific year for me. Over that year, I created a stainless steel metal wall art (Ascension) and painted four canvas life-size and more giant fine art nudes, including; Truth, Ascendant,

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Elvis Presley '68 Comeback Tour mural by A.D. Cook for Hollywood Video

Viva Las Vegas!

Do you remember where you were 45 years ago today? I do. I was a young teenager working as a carry-out boy at a local Thriftway grocery store in Oregon City, Oregon, on

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