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Turkey & Toys Food and Toy Drive, Sat Dec 19, 2020
A.D. Cook

Turkey & Toys

Turkey & Toys is partnering with Three Square Food Bank to provide meals for our hungry neighbors. Food is the most basic of needs and during this challenging time, it is essential that Three Square continues making healthy meals available. You can make a difference in the fight against hunger.

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Facebook/ADCookArtist Screenshop
A.D. Cook

Facebook @ADCookArtist

The Facebook/ADCookArtist page is now current. If we’re friends on my Facebook profile ( you may have seen my post about the page updates. For anyone unfamiliar with Facebook’s profiles vs pages, here’s how they identify them.

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AREA15 - Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas
A.D. Cook

AREA15 Las Vegas

Immersive Entertainment and Events! I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the all-new AREA15 Immersive Entertainment & Events Complex in Las Vegas, located at 36° 07′ 55″ N, 115° 10′ 50″ W (3215 South Rancho Dr, Las Vegas, NV).

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Discover the best Figurative Fine Art in the World
A.D. Cook

Model Society Featured Artist

Honored to share that A.D. Cook is a featured artist on Honored because the level of creative artists, models, and photographers on this website is impressive. I’ve shared a collection of my figurative art nudes on the ModelSociety website for a few years, so I’ve had the pleasure of

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A.D. Cook Turns 24 ~ Launched this Day in 1996

Celebrating 24 years online. was launched on Oct 23rd, 1996 to share A.D. Cook artworks and design. How Time Flies I still remember the excitement of creating and launching the first website. In retrospect, by today’s standards, it was, well… pretty funky.

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Barney Davey asks "Where Are You Going and How Can You Get There?"
A.D. Cook

Where Are You Going and How Can You Get There?

You’re never too old to get going and make changes. Despite the turmoil, anxiety, and crisis brought upon us by Covid-19, or perhaps, at least in part, due to it, Barney Davey is going in a different direction with new ways to be of service to the artists who follow

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Indian Summer painting by A.D. Cook at Springfield Museum
A.D. Cook

Indian Summer in Springfield

It’s like a homecoming, in a round about sort of way. Springfield, Massachusetts, is after all, where the original Indian motorcycles were manufactured from 1901 to 1953, making Springfield the home of America’s first motorcycle. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

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Man on Tightrope
Frank Mallinder

Oh No! Not Another Article on Goals

Here is a question for you, “Why do you set goals?” Most of you set goals such as losing weight, increasing sales, going to the gym, getting up earlier, getting better at organizing, etc. And the reason you set the goal?

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Gary Conrad

Gary Conrad Testimonial

I had decided that I would open a Virtual Art Gallery. I began searching for the “Right” individual to help me develop this dream. Like most people, my knowledge of the internet was based on being a user rather than a developer. I have learned there is a vast difference

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