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You Have An Infinite Imagination

You can dream, conceive, and believe, anything you desire. But, nothing happens until you imagine it.

Through your imagination, you can go anywhere, do anything, and conceive wondrously inspired ideas. You can choose to become anyone, or do anything, you desire. What you think about most is one of your most powerful tools in realizing your dreams in pre-creating yourself and your world around you. And the beautiful thing is it’s absolutely priceless and freely available anytime. Just imagine.

The Ability to Visualize and Form Mental Images

You possess the ability to visualize and form mental images and new ideas not present to the senses; things that do not yet exist physically or have never even been conceived or created by others before. That’s some amazing stuff when you stop to imagine the possibilities. And we all have that ability within us. We just need to nurture and develop it.

According to theoretical physicist Albert Einstein, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Imagination Leads to the Creation of New and Innovative Ideas, Whereas Knowledge is Limited by Certain Absolutes

Humanity is perpetually in the process of evolution, as our imagination continually evolves and our curiosity drives our need for knowledge of the world around us. In the process, we gain new skill sets inspired by our unique talents and individual interests.

By collaborating and combining our unique talents, knowledge, and expertise great things are created, and anything is possible.

Over many millennia we’ve evolved from living in caves to designing and building magnificent mansions. What once were dwellings created with mud, branches, and leaves, are now masterfully engineered homes of steel, wood, and concrete. As creative beings, we’ve built Earthships, houses in trees, mobile homes on wheels, and skyscrapers that reach beyond the clouds. We’ve successfully produced beautiful ships capable of carrying thousands of people across vast oceans, and soon, no doubt we’ll have hovering homes in our skies and options for dwelling in space. The possibilities are endless.

Anything is possible.

We like to believe that creative imagination first came into play through curiosity, as resourceful cave dwellers recorded their existence through visual storytelling. We imagine the first individuals to do this were sharing their observations, conquests, and lessons with their clan. They had no art training, just their imagination and an innate desire to express themselves. Each picture tells a story of a dozen grunts, or, a thousand words by the pen of today’s art historian.

Those original cave artists were the contemporary storytellers of their time. They were the first to wonder how to best represent fellow tribesmen in battle with a Woolly Mammoth. How do you best illustrate the story so that fellow cave cousins could understand it? How do you get pigment on the wall? Fingers? Stick? What is a pigment, anyway? Naturally, art supplies did not exist, so, many of those old cave paintings were created with dirt, clay, and charcoal, mixed with spit, animal fat, and who knows what else. Just combining those ingredients took curiosity combined with imagination. Their inventiveness and curiosity, along with their need to express themselves, enabled them to communicate with others in their clan and neighboring tribes.

Your imagination is a powerful tool, where literally, you learn to see and create within our own mind’s eye. Add awareness, focus, and clarity, and BAM, you’ve got visualization – the gateway to infinite possibility!

After years of creating art, writing, developing products, and producing impacting designs, we’ve come to enjoy and expect creative ideas to naturally flow to, and through, us. We never get over that sensation of pure creative energy — it’s exhilarating. Much of that comes from continually challenging and growing our creative imaginations. We’ve learned to focus and accurately target our attention toward creation and possibility thinking.

People often have a mindset that imaginative thinking is reserved for dreamers, artists, storytellers, moviemakers, and children. But, in reality, imagination is inherent within us all. Like anything, you can develop it.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.""

There is a Tremendous Upside in Developing your Creativity and Imagination

Studies and research reveal that highly creative people are often highly intelligent. However, highly intelligent people are not necessarily creative, and we believe that is because they choose to accept that about themselves. In reality, nurturing your Imagination strengthens your connection to your natural intelligence.

It’s always fascinating to meet people who go to great extremes to convince us that they have little or no creativity or imagination. We recently met an attorney who expressed that he was a complete left-brain/ analytical thinker and that he believed he lacked right-brain creativity skills. As we engaged in lively conversation throughout the evening, we learned he often presented his cases in court. We challenged his limited belief of himself by asking him, “While in a courtroom are you not in full possession of the facts on behalf of your client?” He answered that he did. We went on to ask, “Do you then engage in a presentation, or performance of sorts, to deliver a finely tuned story to plead your case before a jury?” Well, it didn’t take long for him to shift his perspective, and admit to himself that he indeed brought his imaginative and creative thinking to the courtroom for the benefit of his client. Case dismissed.

He went on to share that in the years leading up to becoming an attorney, he envisioned his future as one. In his mind’s eye, he even witnessed himself in the courtroom, wearing his tailored suit, and winning cases for his clients. That in itself is imagination taking root. That is the beginning of manifestation.

Excerpt from DREAM TO LAUNCH by A.D. Cook and Beti Kristof

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