The Creation of ETERNAL

ETERNAL concept to completion video ~ 6:37 minutes

Art by Scratch 2023

Two years after photographing my model/muse for my latest metal fine art nude, the artwork is now finished and ready for my collector’s home.

ETERNAL‘s creation is an explorative journey, from a great model session to a drawing that looked more like a treasure map and grew into something more than I ever dreamed. For a while, ETERNAL seemed like a never-ending project, but in a truly great way. Through this piece, I discovered a new direction for my art. With each creative session, I scratched deeper and deeper into my initial vision of creating something truly unique and timeless.

I wanted to be open to boldly going where I hadn’t before as an artist. Clearly, I’ve created many metal nude artworks, but this piece inspired a new process that creates a holographic sensation so that the artwork never looks the same way twice. ETERNAL is forever changing. A sunrise, sunset, or a soft fireplace will inspire her to dance, and she shifts colors and highlights throughout the day.

What started as a flat sheet of metal and a dream is now ETERNAL. Watch my video above, and you can feel what went into creating her. Read my post, ETERNAL Renewal, for the backstory of her creation and some of the hidden treasures buried within this artwork.

Special thanks to Bonzai Caruso for the soulful music. He stopped by my studio in March and offered to lend me a tune, and I like what he came up with. I hope you do as well.



ETERNAL metal artwork © A.D. Cook 2023. Video by A.D. Cook.

Model/Muse: Bendy Taylor

In The Know” music by Bonzai Caruso © Used by Permission.

Private collection.

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