My Ten in ’11

2011 was a creative year in the studio. I created several new bold and powerful original artworks on canvas and metal.

My top ten figurative paintings for 2011 are listed here in order of their creation. I invite you to follow the links to their individual pages for details and videos showcasing my creative process.

INFINITY figurative painting on metal by A.D. Cook

46-1/2″ x 36″ – Urethane original painting on ground metal

My first painting for 2011 and the second to feature Playboy Special Editions model Jess Robinson who is also featured in Anthem (created in 2010) and later Encore (below). Infinity is a 100% one-of-a-kind original painting on specially prepared metal. Her appearance changes throughout the day as available natural light moves from morning to dusk. And when the sun goes down and the lights go on she comes alive with a dynamic prism and holographic effect integrated into her color.

NEXUS art nude painting by A.D. Cook

30″ x 60″ – Urethane original painting on hand-ground metal

Still, in a metal mood, I went on to create Nexus in celebration of my 50th birthday… my second painting for 2011. She embodies the energy of creation captured in a painting. She is a vortex – a force from which all things come into being. Nexus shifts and dances in the light. Placing the light on her in various ways completely changes her appearance. Walk past her and the grinds within the metal create a wave of energy seen through the figure. Her gloves are painted in an opaque pigment, hiding the grinds and creating a different illusion altogether. Featuring my new model Laura.

ARROW art nude on metal by A.D. Cook

24″ x 24″ – Urethane original painting on hand-ground metal

My third metal painting this year is Arrow. Strong and powerful, “Arrow” represents confident women-focused as she reaches for the stars. When the sun goes down and the lights go on this painting comes alive with prism and holographic effects integrated into her color. Modeling for Arrow is Ariel whom I have featured in many prior paintings.

[ no pic ]

36” x 36” – Original painting created in acrylic pearl blue metallics on specially-prepared canvas

Number four for ’11… A fun and simple painting but pleasing to view (as I’m often told). After completion of this painting I was enjoying a cold beer – it was “eclipse day” (6/15/11) and I was contemplating an appropriate name for my newest original painting, and the name “Blue Moon” just came to me. Seems very fitting on this day. Cheers!

Nevaehlleh is featured larger than life in this painting. She is also my model for Marquee (below) and previous originals including Nyx, Lux Lady – Nev 1, and Lux Lady – Nev 2. No doubt, there are more paintings in-store featuring this great inspirational model.

A.D. Cook with ENCORE painting featuring Jess Robinson

72” x 48″ – Sheer flash blue metallic acrylic on specially-prepared canvas

My fifth painting for the year, and my largest painting of 2011, Encore is a long-overdue follow up to the large pearl canvas paintings from a few years back (see Twilight from 2004). Like my paintings on metal, she goes through shifts and changes in color and imagery under differing lighting scenarios.

Featuring Playboy Special Editions model Jess Robinson, who is also my muse for Anthem and Infinity (both on metal).

MIRAGE painting and artist AD. Cook

60” x 48” – Pearlized acrylic on specially-prepared canvas

Number six on my list… Mirage ~ beautiful to look at and much more than an illusion. This painting features a gold pearl base and pearl red metallic pigments along with reflective metal flakes. Mirage dances as you pass her and glistens for attention.

Measuring five feet tall by four feet across, Mirage features a new model, Stephanie Torres.

BEAUJOLAIS art nude on metal by A.D. Cook

53-1/2” x 35-1/2″ – Sheer flash magenta metallic on specially-prepared metal

After painting canvas for a while, I felt the desire to return to metal for my next creation. My seventh painting in 2011 is Beaujolais – also my fourth and final metal artwork creation this year. This commissioned original artwork features model Jessie June. Beaujolais is a special addition to my “wine art nude” series of paintings inspired by wine and beautiful ladies (a great combination), created on metal. Previous wine art nude paintings include Syrah and Muah!

Artist A.D. Cook with MARQUEE painting on canvas

60” x 48” – Pearlized acrylic on specially-prepared canvas

Number eight on my list is Marquee. Bold and beautiful, this image has been in my mind on my “to paint” list for a couple of years. I wanted to create a powerful and balanced painting that dominates her space. She is smooth and polished, yet with a texture of her own. Her fur coat is created with thousands of individual brush strokes entirely of pearl black, platinum, and silver.

I started painting years ago as a canvas artist and migrated to painting on metal. Now I’m bringing what I love most about creating on metal back to my canvas artworks. The interplay of light and color-shifting techniques makes this new series truly unique.

Featuring the fantastic NevaehLleh whom I painted a few times previously, including Nyx | Lux Lady – Nev 1 | Lux Lady – Nev 2 | Blue Moon

AVALON art nude painting by A.D. Cook

48” x 36” – Acrylic on specially-prepared pearlized canvas

I really enjoyed creating Marquee (above) and wanted to produce another painting this year to celebrate the old days of black and white on the silver screen – perhaps a homage to my past Hollywood Video days. My ninth painting features a new model, Anakaren. Avalon is painted in smokey blacks over a pearl white canvas.

VALHALLA art nude by A.D. Cook

48” x 36” – Acrylic on specially-prepared pearlized canvas

I finished off my creative year in the studio with a special painting featuring Las Vegas celebrity Brandy Beavers. My tenth and final painting featured here is Valhalla, created back-to-back as a follow up to Avalon (above). Valhalla is painted in a beautiful blue-green combination that glistens and changes throughout the day and from different perspectives. Approach her from the right and she is green on a gold background. View her from the left and she turns a darker blue on a silver background.

• • • • •

All-in-all, a prolific year doing what I enjoy most – creating timeless art and capturing beauty for eternity. This is just a sampling of my paintings from 2011 – ten paintings featuring eight beautiful muses of inspiration. I am looking forward to a creative 2012. Cheers!

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