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Victoria Anisova with Apple - BW

Models and Muses

Beauty inspires me. I’m pretty sure I’ve posted on that a time or two. And I know I’ve declared as well that if I ever found anything more beautiful than beautiful women, that I would paint that.

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Artist A.D. Cook with model Brandy Beavers 2013

The Master of the Muse

Beauty inspires me. I’m sure that is the case with most artists. Some find their inspiration in sunsets, landscapes seascapes and flowers. I find mine in the graceful lines of the female form —to me, “the ultimate beauty”. — A.D. Cook

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INFINITY figurative painting on metal by A.D. Cook

My Ten in ’11

2011 was a creative year in the studio. I created several new bold and powerful original artworks on canvas and metal. My top ten figurative paintings for 2011 are listed here in order of their creation. I invite you to

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A.D. Cook painting Avalon artwork

Avalon – Valhalla Video

https://player.vimeo.com/video/763894183 video 2:23 minutes I wanted to create a couple of expressive beautiful paintings presenting the power of the female back to wrap up my 2011 collection, so I decided to creatively wrap up my year with a couple of

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VALHALLA art nude by A.D. Cook

Valhalla – New Painting on Canvas

Like my paintings on metal, “Valhalla” goes through shifts and changes in color and imagery under differing lighting scenarios. 12/27/11 – This morning I wrapped up my latest large canvas original painting “VALHALLA”. Measuring 48″ x 36″, Vahalla is created in jade

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Artist A.D. Cook with model Brandy Beavers 2013

Photo Shoot with Brandy

Las Vegas celebrity Brandy Beavers in my studio. Watch for upcoming art. Brandy Beavers and A.D. Cook Sure I’m smiling… I did a photoshoot a couple of days ago with the beautiful and gregarious Brandy Beavers. Watch soon for new

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