Picture Perfect Paintings

Picture perfect paintings… or perfect picture paintings. Either way, I’m excited to share that my book project is moving along nicely.

We’re in the process of photographing my collection of figurative paintings for my forthcoming book, MUSE.

A.D. Cook and Barrett Adams photographing Ardot at the Gallery

In the studio… photographer Barrett Adams [ Barrett’s Photography ] takes light readings in preparation for photographing ARDOR as I man light switches.

Photgraphing Ascendant and artworks at the gallery

Next up… ASCENDANT. My book, along with the web site [ ADCook.com ] will be updated as artworks are photographed.

Muse, a celebration of truth and beauty by A.D. Cook

MUSE, a celebration of truth and beauty

by A.D. Cook

Featuring a selection of paintings from my pearl series, my figurative paintings on metal, and my canvas series along with thoughts about my art and creative process and how my art is created from concept-to-completion. Large-format – landscape design.

Forward by Dr. E. Fred Aguilar III, M.D., P.A.     |     Edited by Tiegen Kosiak     |     Art image captures: Barrett Adams

Available soon. Stay tuned for more or join my email list for updates.

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