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Car Trivia at the Dennos Museum Center 08/31/23

Car Trivia at the Dennos Museum

Rev up your engines and join the Dennos Museum for a thrilling evening of car-themed trivia as part of the mesmerizing Luster Exhibition, showcasing awe-inspiring hyperrealistic paintings of cars and motorcycles.

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Bikini muse Aim Model With 2023 Corvette Z06

Alas, We Meet Again, Z06

Recently, I had the opportunity to reconnect with the stunning white Corvette Z06 that is featured in my forthcoming 70th Anniversary painting for the Luster Exhibition at the National Corvette Museum. While it was my second photography encounter with the Z06, it was my first shoot with art muse Aim Model.

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A.D. Cook on Twitter @ADCookArt

Blue. Blue. Twitter Blue… X.

After fourteen years on Twitter@ADCookArt, this dreamer of dreams and maker of things has gone blue. I’m not sure why I decided to go blue verified, except that after twelve-point-seven thousand tweets, I still find Twitter a viable platform to connect and share ideas, and hey, I like checkmarks!

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The Illusion by A.D. Cook 1983

Four Decades of Iwata

I was organizing my studio recently and tripped across “The Illusion,” a self-portrait I created in colored pencil back in 1983. I drew that portrait after discovering Iwata airbrushes earlier that summer and receiving an Iwata HP-C as a gift. For some reason, I felt compelled to include that airbrush in my portrait, not realizing then the impact it would have on me even to this day, forty years later.

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Inside Every Racer is a Faster One!


I don’t often share my website design work in my POSTS + UPDATES. Mostly, I like to write about my observations and stories of art, love, Las Vegas, and beyond. Well, that and cars and some tech stuff, which I love. So, while most of my readers know me for my art, few here know my design background. Not that any of that matters here; it’s just that I also love creating dynamic websites, and want to share a special one with you.

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Dreamer of Dreams and Maker of Things

When I’m not at the easel and not working on a design project, one of my favorite pastimes is working on my website, writing new posts, and exploring new related technology if you haven’t visited the website in a while, it’s had a lot of updates to explore, including new art in progress, posts, and new features.

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Peter Starr and A.D. Cook at Red Rock Harley-Davidson 2016

RIP Peter Starr

My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Peter Starr, November 2, 1942 – July 3, 2023. Peter was a pioneer across film, television, and motorcycling who played a central role in bringing motorcycle racing to the masses.

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Writing Feather & Parchment Script - AI generated image

A Better AI

All I see everywhere is ‘AI.’ It seems that most creatives I know talk about Artificial intelligence in one form or another and its pending influence on creativity.

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Happy birthday, Corvette 2023

National Corvette Day 2023

June 30th is a memorable day for many Corvette enthusiasts and car lovers. Known as “National Corvette Day,” this date marks the celebration of one of America’s most iconic sports cars, the Corvette, celebrating 70 years!

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1953 & 2023 Corvettes at Southern Highlands Golf Club

Corvette Dreams in Las Vegas

I could hardly imagine a better way to start the day. Today my fabulous Corvette owners and I created an epic morning by uniting one of America’s first Corvettes with its most Current C8 Z06 for a photo shoot in Las Vegas.

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Canvas gesso prep - session 4

A Slate-Smooth Beginning

I’m excited to get started on my Corvette paintings for inclusion in the LUSTER Exhibition at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, next year. But before I can start painting, I treat my canvasses to a multi-step process to create the perfect canvas for my realism art.

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Corvette Summer at Celebrity Cars & Coffee, Las Vegas

Celebrity Cars & Coffee Las Vegas

This is where I go when I want to get inspired and connect with the local car community. The Las Vegas Cars & Coffee is a booming gathering of enthusiastic car folks, easy to get to, and boasts hundreds of stunning cars weekly, including some amazing Corvettes.

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