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Sur.ly Safe

ADCook.com Brilliantly Safe! for content & links

Brilliantly Safe for Content & Links

I’m honored to share that the ADCook.com website has received a Sur.ly award for Internet safety.

Your experience on the ADCook.com website has always mattered to me. That includes your safety and trust while strolling the pages, posts, and artworks.

I am honored to have been awarded the 2022 Safest Content Award from Sur.ly for 25 years of trusted design and web development, bringing you the best content that I can, ongoing.

Thank you all for your continued visits and support.

ADCook.com Safety Report from Sur.ly - 2022

Perfectly Trusted: score 96/100 — “ADCook.com provides visitors with a great user experience and high-quality content.”

Superior Personal Data Protection: score 90/100 — “ADCook.com handles sensitive information of its users according to the highest standards of user privacy.”

Totally Safe for Minors: score 97/100 — ADCook.com is a family-friendly resource. It contains NO foul language, adult-oriented material, or other disturbing content.

Q: What is Sur.ly?
A: Sur.ly is a free service providing a safe, augmented web-browsing experience to their users and customers. 4M+ users are monthly using their portal to securely visit different websites, including this one.
Q: How did they select my website?
A: It is an aggregated verdict based on the popular/trusted public ratings, user reviews, and compared to other websites in the same category in Sur.ly’s directory.




Sur.ly is a safe linking and user-protection service providing a web-browsing gateway for regular users and a database of website profiles aggregated from a multitude of sources. Sur.ly protects users from many potential threats on the Web, like phishing, malware, or unsolicited adult content, so they know a thing or two about all websites on the Web, including ADCook.com!

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